13 Reasons Why You Should Forget Hotels And Travel In A Camper Van

Sure, we all dream of jetting off to exotic locations and immersing ourselves in the culture (and work on our tans too) but whilst it may be luxurious to stay in a hotel or villa, it’s how we get around that really eats into our budgets.

Taxi or driver costs, tips, having to wait around – all things we have to sacrifice our precious holiday time and money for, but we continue to do it because we think that there is no other way.

Well, worry no longer because travelling in a camper van is about to become the next big thing, so you should jump on the bandwagon before everyone else does.

Most people don’t have thousands to invest in a camper van of their own but there are plenty of companies that allow you to rent them in a variety of locations, and these reasons will have you converting from villa to camper…

1. It’s Cheaper To Travel

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With the prices of hotels and villas often eating into our holiday money, it’s great to know that all you’re going to be paying for is a rental fee and petrol which will be considerably cheaper than 5* accommodation.

2. You Can Soak Up The Stars

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Driving on the open road has it perks – venturing away from the hustle and bustle of city life means the skies are clearer and the views are magical. Sit in the back of your van and take in your surroundings.

3. Eating Out Is A Part Of Life

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Forget restaurants, you can create your own out the back of your van and you’ll really start to notice how much you can get for your money. Sure, cooking your own meals is deemed a tedious process on your travels but once you get started, you won’t want to stop.

4. You Can Visit The Most Idyllic Places

On a regular holiday, people rarely venture too far from their hotels but the perks of having a home on wheels means that you can explore every part of your destination and experience it all.

5. You Can Wake Up To Nature Right Outside Your Door

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Who doesn’t want a new view every morning? The sight of the balconies of a hotel isn’t exactly picturesque, so choosing where to wake up to ever day is one of camper van life’s greatest perks.

6. You Can Work On The Road

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For those of us who can’t escape from work, we can take it on the road with us – driving everywhere yourself means you can find somewhere with Wifi, sit down outside with your laptop and forget those office walls because you can work with a view.

7. You Get The Best Of Both Worlds

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Seeing as you’re on the road all the time, you really do have the freedom to switch up daily activities. Whereas usual holidayers have to stick to a certain schedule to make sure they get all of their activities in, you are on your own time.

8. You Can Channel Your Inner Free Spirit

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Being at one with nature is good for the soul and whether or not you are spiritual, it’s always good to reflect, relax and go with the flow – if you’re really into it, why not get into meditation or yoga to start off your day? You will feel a lot better for it.

9. You Get More Out Of Your Day

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Maybe one day you want to be out in the sticks but the next you might want to go to the mall and shop to you drop – having your hotel on wheels allows for an easy mix up of activities.

10. Wake Up To Different Views Every Morning

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Sure, an ocean view from a villa is spectacular but you have to admit, you’re desensitised too it by the time your holiday is over – setting up camp in a variety of locations gives you that warm fuzzy feeling in the morning when you wake up to brand new surroundings.

11. Dogs Can Come Along For The Ride

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What is one thing that will make your holiday better? Bringing along your pooch of course! Whilst 99.9% of hotels and resorts would never allow animals, having a camper van is a different story. Let your doggy experience your adventure too!

12. Tea Breaks Are Encouraged

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Being on the road all day means that tea and coffee breaks are a great way break up your day when travelling. Pull up to the nearest beautiful location, put the kettle on and sip on a brew whilst taking in the fresh air and idyllic views.

13. Embrace Minimalism

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If you consider yourself quite materialistic or dependent on your possessions then living with the bare minimum can give you a lot of clarity. Embrace minimalism and you will see that all you need is the essentials, good company and a great camper van to have the holiday of your dreams.


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