18 Of The Coolest Custom VW Camper Vans Ever Built

There have been a number of makes and models of cars which have reached the ‘classic’ status, however none more so than the VW Camper Van. The community of VW camper lovers is huge and shows no sign of stopping, with each owner trying their best to impress other road users.

With the competitive nature of cars, people have been keen over the years to amend and customise their classic VW vans in order to create the most unique and beautiful van possible.

Click through to see some of the coolest custom VW camper vans ever built.

image source: Cottage Life

T1 Surf Stretch Limo

image source: Surf Cars

This person obviously realised that they required more space for their surf trips, and instead of adding a trailer onto the back, they chose to extend their van. They have added an extra couple of doors onto their van so more people can hop in the next time they go chasing waves.

T1 School Bus

image source: SurfCars

This converted camper is perfect for transporting the kids to school, and comes complete with its own stop sign. Someone has opted with classic yellow school bus colours for this conversion and it certainly won’t go unnoticed.

T1 Custom

image source: Pintrest

This T1 has been lowered to within centimetres of the ground, and has been repainted in a beautiful glossy dark blue. It also has a removable roof, perfect for those sunny days when you’ve found the perfect spot to stop.

T1 Reino’s Rusty Lingerie

image source: Mpora

This van has been given a rust effect all over, making it look as though it’s been left unloved for years. However, it is quite the opposite – someone has spent a lot of time and money making this van look as vintage as possible.

T1 Off Road

image source: Pintrest

This van has been supercharged with huge wheels which are perfectly suited to off roading. It looks like this van will be able to handle any kind of terrain, no matter where the adventure may take the owner.

T1 Tiki Micro Bus

image source: Surfcars

This VW has abandoned the metallic paint and opted for a wooden panelled effect instead. And judging from the signs, it is ready for the beach – with a shark on the roof to complete the customisation.

T2 Camper Limo Double Decker

image source: Plaid Zebra

Someone has seriously gone to town on this customisation, they have doubled the length of the van and taken inspiration from red double decker buses.

T1 Stretch Limo

image source: Seabreeze

Again, this van has been stretched to double the length of a regular VW van. This one comes complete with a retractable roof, which is handy for a car which can hold a lot of people!

T1 Dreiachser

image source: Surfcars

As with lots of other camper vans, this owner has opted to extend above rather than long ways. This means that the van now has an upstairs sleeping area now, which we’re sure is much comfier than a pull out bed.

T1 Shorty

image source: Pintrest

This teeny-weeny yellow van is like the younger sibling of the iconic VW van. Sleeping in this may be slightly more squished than normal!

T2 Original

image source: Pintrest

You’re not likely to miss this orange van whilst driving through the dense woodland. This is a beautiful example of a T2 original VW.

T1 Surfer

image source: The plaid Zebra

This surfer clearly believes in travelling in style. They have gone for a retro theme, throwing back to the ’80s with the patterned doors and vibrant interior.

T2 Music Man

image source: Pintrest

When people think of VW camper vans, they often think of hippies and the ’60s. This owner clearly wishes to live up to this stereotype by painting the van in bright tie-dye patterns and with portraits of none other than the man himself – Bob Marley – emblazoned on the sides.


image source: Pintrest

This is more of a bumper car than anything practical, but it doesn’t mean it’s not as stylish as its bigger counterparts.

T2 Cooler

image source: Mpora

You may be mistaken when you look at this van, but it is in fact a classic VW camper underneath the shiny exterior. It has been made to look more like a traditional American motorhome, but its true beauty still shines through!

T1 Splitty Drag

image source: Mpora

This really couldn’t look any more different if it tried! It almost looks as though it would look more at home on a runway than a road, all that is missing are the wings.

T1 Tiki Party

image source: Pintrest

This van is beach bar ready, complete with foldable chairs and umbrella. We hope they’ve had the drinks chilling on their journey!

T1 Off Road Division

image source: Pintrest

This van has undergone a monster transformation! It has been customised to look like something you might have seen in the war or on safari, with giant tyres which are made for harsh terrains.


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  1. Jan

    My favourite is the tie dye. I used to have one like the orange one but had to sell due to financial reasons, but am confident I’ll get another for my twilight travels. Keep up the good work I love looking at your creations

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