Classic VW Camper Expected To Sell For Fifty Times Its Original Price

First built in 1963, this Type 2 ’23-Window’ VW camper van is expected to sell for more than fifty times the amount it cost when it was first purchased.

The vans were once marketed to be used to transport passengers and deliveries, however with the hippy culture in the 60’s, these VW’s soon became an iconic part of the movement and were associated with free love, road trips and freedom.

This beautifully vintage vehicle is painted in a two-tone yellow and white style and will no doubt catch the eye of plenty of VW enthusiasts as well as those looking to get into travelling or simply just own a piece of history.

What makes this particular van stand out even more so is the amount of windows it features. The basic version of the van has 11 windows and other versions have 15, however this one has an additional eight in the form of skylights.

The ‘hippy van’ market is booming making this the perfect time for the seller, an American collector, to put the van on sale.

First built in 1963 and sold for $2500, the van is estimated to bring in anywhere between $100,000 – $130,000.  That’s a possible 52 times the original price.

With nine passenger seats, side door entry and a cloth sliding soft-top, it makes it the perfect vehicle to take a road trip with friends in.

The van has been kept in perfect condition with a clean engine, immaculate interior and a faultless paint job.

With a mixture of vinyl and cloth material on the seats in two different shades of tan, it compliments the style and is in-keeping with the original era of the van.

The Type 2 was one of the first vans to have ‘forward control’, meaning the driver sat above the front wheels.

With a variety of different names including VW-Bus’, ‘Bulli’ or ‘Bully’, ‘Hippy van’, ‘Kleinbus’, ‘Kombi’, ‘Transporter’, and ‘Danfo’, whatever you prefer to call the Type 2 VW, there is no denying it’s a stunning vehicle.

With a growing trend for travel, especially in camper vans, it’s no surprise that VW’s are such a popular choice with their iconic look and vintage feel.

The van went up for auction on June 24, 2017 however is still available for purchase. If you’re interested in this iconic Volkswagen, you can find its listing here.


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