Top 10 European Campervan Road Trips

We all get the travel bug from time to time until we realise just how much planning goes into coming up with the best trip idea…But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

These European road trips are perfect for those of you who want to experience different cultures, take in breathtaking views and have the freedom of the open road.

So get your notepad at the ready because you’re about to start planning your European campervan road trip of 2017…

Costiera Amalfitana, Italy

image source: Zonzofox

If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxing trip then this dream tour will be right up your street. Taking you across 13 Italian towns along the breathtaking coast line, you can explore cute fishing villages and a whole host of historic landmarks. Things to look out for are the Emerald cave in Conca Dei Marini, the medieval castle in Maiori and the Roman ruins in Minori.

Bergen -> Oslo, Norway

image source: Visit Bergen

This whopping 800 mile trip takes you along beautiful green meadows, an abundance of cute coastal towns and shorelines. If you’re into wildlife then keep an eye out for the elk that reside in the plush green areas and fjords, and if you have time, make sure you explore the historic city of Bergen before you hit the road.

Switzerland -> France -> Italy

image source: Weather To Ski

This picturesque tour sees you starting in Geneva and heading south along the coast into France. The next 500 miles will include a journey via the Mont Blanc tunnel which takes you seven miles underneath the highest mountains in the Alps. After this you will emerge in Italy, going south from Turin via Florence and ending up north of the Alps whilst stopping off in the architectural dream city of Milan.

Ring Of Kerry, Ireland

image source: Killarney Park Hotel

This route sees you passing stunning green valleys, rocky coastlines and mountain slopes. The popular trip offers interesting stops along the way including visits to picturesque castles, waterfalls and churches.

Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos, Spain

image source: Codigo Nuevo

If you want both a road trip and a sun-filled holiday in one then this Mediterranean route is for you. It takes you through the Sierra de Cadiz Mountains and the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. If you’re looking for even more beauty, make sure to stop by the Arcos de la Frontera which has been called one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

FurkaPass / Central Swiss Alps

image source: Flickr

High up in the mountains, this route takes you through the FurkaPass which is widely known as the site of the famous car chase in the James Bond movie Goldfinger. Be sure to make a pitstop at the Rhône Glacier which you can take a short hike to and explore inside the structure itself.

Trans Romania

image source: Tourist In Romania

If you’re interested in the legend of Dracula then this chilling trip is right up your street. Travel across the Fagaras mountains and visit the Poienari fortress which was home to the Transylvanian leader Count Dracula himself.

Grossglockner Hohenalpenstrasse, Austria

image source: Heiligenblut

If you’re one for beautiful sites then this route starting at Oberes Nasfeld and continuing to Franz-Josefs-Hohe is filled with lush scenery. The mountainside views are spectacular and if you look out for it at the end of your trip, you could get a glimpse at the stunning Pasterze glacier.

Col de la Bonnette / Alps Maritimes

image source: My Cycling Challenge

The Col da la Bonnet is the highest road in Europe which has to be on the list of many campervan owners to someday go to. Embrace the natural environment from the high mountaintops and know that this route is used by Tour de France cyclists!

Pas de Calais -> Along The Coast

image source: Great Escapes

The ultimate seaside escape is considered one of the prettiest drives in Northern France. You will pass golden sandy beaches, travel along rural roads and stop off at ancient churches, an abundance of boutiques and cute cafes and a historic fishing port that will be a seafood lover’s dream.


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