5 Classic On-Screen Moments For The VW Camper Van

It has been nearly four years since the last ever VW Camper Van was manufactured, and it still hasn’t quite sunk in.

The iconic van is one of the most cherished vehicles on the road, and may now even be classified as a collectors car.

However, we must not forget the amazing moments the classic van has had over the years, particularly on screen.

Here are five of the best TV and film clips which feature the iconic vehicle we have come to know and love.

Image Source: BBC.co.uk

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

This movie features a dysfunctional family who travel in a yellow VW van for a long distance road trip. The family club together, despite their differences, to get their youngest child to the finals of a beauty pageant. They experience a whole host of problems along the way, including tantrums, losing a child and even a death!

Top Gear – Jamie Oliver tosses a salad in his van

If you have ever watched Jamie Oliver on TV, you’ll know he is an Essex boy through and through. Being a guest on the BBC car show Top Gear wasn’t going to stop his wild boy antics. He owns a VW van that has a Porsche 3.6 litre engine, which host Jeremy Clarkson found extremely comical. He actually went on to challenge him to make a salad in the back, while being driven around at high speeds on a race track.

Back To The Future – Doc and Marty fired on by Libyan terrorists

As if this film could get any better, we then find out it (briefly) features a VW T2 camper van. When Doctor Emmett is taking plutonium from a bunch of rebels so he can build his DeLorean time machine, some terrorists speed over in a classic blue VW T2 camper van and open fire on both him and Marty McFly.

Jackie Brown – Camper van lost in the car park

Criminal, Louis Gara, and layabout, Melanie Ralston, stress out while looking for their white VW van after shoplifting from a department store. Louis is so agitated he ends up shooting Melanie in the car park, before casually driving off.

Argo – Escaping the US consulate in Tehran

In this Oscar-winning movie, six Americans have to avoid a hostage situation in Iran in 1980. They manage to escape out of the back door of the building and later pretend to be a Canadian film crew in an attempt to flee the country. They go on to arrange a meeting with Reza Borhani and travel in a mustard VW camper van along the back streets of Tehran and through a crowd of angry protestors.


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