5 Tips For Living In A Camper Full Time

People may associate camper vans with summer time, however this couple have proven otherwise.

Wedding photographer, Mandy Fierens, and interface designer, Kevin Holesh, made the decision to live life on the road and haven’t looked back.

After buying a 15-year-old RV, and spending three months restoring it, they hit the road and their Instagram account ‘188sqft‘ was born.


Despite losing a lot of space from their previous home, downsizing to their new home-on-wheels was relatively fuss-free.

The couple were even able to keep their home comforts – their adorable dogs and cats – with them.

They have put together some of their top tips for living life on the road full time.

Don’t Leave The Greenery Behind



Although you won’t be able to take all of your plants with you, it’s a good idea to keep some of the smaller ones.

This couple decided to nestle theirs in a DIY shelving unit, meaning they are now easily cared for and can always be seen in the lovely display on the wall.

Brighten The Space With White Walls And Colour


By painting the walls and cupboards white and adding a splash of colour, it really brightens up the space and can also make the van seem bigger than it really is.

Adding a splash of colour throughout can stop the space from seeming too bland.

Collect Mementos



Just below this kitty’s little cosy hole is the beginning of a collection of mementos from their travels so far.

Adding things you’ve bought or found along the way to a plain wall is a lovely touch without being too over-bearing in the small space.

Finishing Touches



Adding those finishing touches to your van can make the world of difference. In this van they have created a DIY reading nook, which rests on top of their dog kennel – also making use of the small space!

By decorating the place with a variety of pillows and blankets, it can feel homely and comfortable.

Document Your Journey



By documenting your journey, you can not only meet other people in similar situations or in the same area, but it also works as a personal log of how far you have come.

For Fierens and Holesch, they have had the opportunity to meet people in real life who they were connected with on Instagram.

They said, “It’s really fun because you immediately have something in common and you’ve been following each other’s journeys on Instagram and then you get to meet in person”.


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