7 Creative Ways You Can Incorporate Your Camper Into Your Wedding Day

Adding a personal touch to your wedding day is really important but if you’re a camper van enthusiast you might be struggling to think of a way to incorporate your beloved van into your big day.

From using it as your wedding transport to transforming it into a bar – here are 7 ways you can use your van in your nuptials.

A Photobooth

Photo booths have been huge at weddings in recent years -so why not turn your very own camper into one. With just a handful of props,a curtain for a backdrop and a camera any camper can become the perfect photo booth.

The Get Away Car

If you have to travel from one place to another during your wedding, using your camper van could add a super personal touch to your big day. It will also save you a pretty penny as wedding transport can be extremely expensive.

Bridesmaid Transport

Camper vans are a great mode of wedding transport due to their size. The multiple seats make the vehicles a great way to transport the wedding party to and from the venue. You can add a few ribbons to your own camper to make it feel a little more festive.

The Invites

If campers are your pride and joy then you might be open to theming your whole day around the luxury motors. Invites are a great way of prompting your guests about the theme – so let them know their in for a day of camper filled fun.

A Bar

Tons of people are turning their campers into businesses – including bars. So if you can’t get your beloved camper into your wedding, why not let someone else bring theirs a long and put it to good use.

The Cake

Many people now steer away from a traditional wedding cake and go for something that shows a little more personality – this could be a great excuse to make your camper van the literal icing on the cake of your big day.

Photography Prop

If your camper is a huge part of your life then why not include it in your photographs? They can give photos an authentic boho feel and will make them extra special when you look back over the memories in years to come.


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