BMX Bandits: VW Boys Have A Lot Of Fun

Realising that a bike would be a good addition to Ruby’s set up and useful for trips away, I decided to set about looking for one.

My plan was to buy a second hand BMX restore and customise it myself.

I started my search and immediately came across a bike rack for £7.

The owner assured me that it was more than capable of carrying two bikes and it attached straight onto the tow bar. I even ended up giving him £10 as I was so impressed!

I then came across a Silver BMX for sale at £22 and upon meeting the seller, was informed that they would accept £15. I returned home with the BMX, now I needed to strip it down and spray it my chosen colour Yellow.

Before I had a chance to buy the paint, another BMX came up on my notifications – this one was yellow and for sale at £5.

The owner was at work during the day but offered to leave it in his front garden and if I wanted it just pop £5 through his letter box.

With £5 in my hand I sped over there in my car, put the bike in the boot and popped the money through his letter box and drove home.

Only as I drove away did I panic at the thought of a neighbour reporting me for stealing the bike as a result all night I was worried that the police were going to come knocking at my door.

The following weekend I heard that there would be a Bike Van offering free services by Bournemouth beach. I took the two bikes along to the beach where as promised they were serviced and had new parts fitted free of charge. As my offer of a thank you payment was declined I ran to a cafe and returned with tea, coffee and an ice cream for the owner, his wife and their daughter who had come to visit him.

Ruby now had two BMX’s (Custard & The Silverfox) branded up as VWs in full working order ready for our next adventure.

To be continued….



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