British Couple Spend Eight Years Travelling The World In A Camper Van

This adventurous couple have been enjoying the holiday of a lifetime for the past eight years, in their camper van ‘Daphne’.

Lauren Winslow-Llewellyn and Craig Hubbard met while waiting tables together at a branch of Pizza Express.

They have been travelling all around the world in their tiny van, which is just 60-square-feet in size.

Clocking up more than 75,000 miles, the van and the couple have braved howling wolves, cracked windscreens and a whole host of weather conditions.

Hailing from Brighton, the couple have been travelling to countries far and wide. Just some of the locations include: Australia, Asia, Canada, Central, South and North America, New Zealand and Europe.

‘Daphne’ measures 60-square-foot inside, but despite the small size, the couple claim to love their nomadic experience in the wilderness.

The fact they are travelling the world in their camper van enables them to stop at any location they desire. Here, they are photographed enjoying a hot tub with water from a hot spring along the Salmon River, in Idaho.

Chris and Lauren have absolutely no complaints about their van, and say that they quickly got used to the lack of space.

They bought the petrol Dodge Ram 1500 primetime for £2,900. Inside, there is enough room for a double bed, but not much else.

If there is such a thing as spending too much time with one person, then this couple probably know about it. However, they have admitted that although the cramped conditions can cause stress on their relationship at times, they make it work.

In an interview, Lauren said:

‘We’ve been together for over nine years and eight of those have been travelling. Of course we bicker and argue, but we have nowhere to escape one another, no spare room to go to, so we just have to get over it and move on – knowing that I’m always right!’

During their time on the road, they have had to brave breakdowns, the elements and nature, including when a stone hit their windscreen, smashing it into pieces.

The benefits far outweigh these dampeners however, as their free lifestyle allows them to wake up in front of different landscapes each and every day.

The couple were able to save £5,000 at the beginning of their adventure in Australia.

They have been able to keep costs down by doing any free sight-seeing possible, and going on cheap day trips.

Craig said:

‘There’s no denying it’s a little on the small side; moving around while bent over or kneeling on the floor to cook takes some time to master but you get used to it and it’s just like a mini-home.

‘We live very simply, we can’t have more than we need as there’s not enough space. We appreciate the simple things like running water. If we find a tap, we’ll fill up the solar shower and hope to find a private location to wash.

‘For us it’s the ideal lifestyle. Our home is on wheels, we can pull up at a lake and camp under the stars, wake up and have a refreshing dip, sit quietly and look for wildlife.’

The couple had other vans before owning ‘Daphne’ and have admitted it hasn’t been all plain sailing.

Cleanliness and toilet needs mean that the couple often have to dig a hole or use public restrooms where available. To wash, they use either a solar shower, lakes, rivers or free beach showers.

Lauren said,

“There are ups and downs with van life and travelling in general, but a stressful day can be soothed by finding that idyllic camp location, a moose walking past or the magical sound of wolves howling.”


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