Family Of Four Swap Their Suburban Home For Life On The Road

It may seem like a huge step to take, and a scary one to many, but plenty of people are choosing to leave their old lives behind and hit the road.

And that is exactly what Josh Biro, Jenna Roses and their two children are doing.

After a family tragedy, they packed up their belongings and began their new life in their camper van – and the nomadic life is suiting them down to the ground.

Jenna and Josh had always been keen travellers, often travelling to new destinations together. After having children, they wanted to continue exploring the world and showing their kids the wonders it has to offer.

Living in a spacious suburban home in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, the family would regularly go on holiday, but their decision to turn their lives into a permanent trip came after a devastating accident.

Whilst travelling in Ecuador, tragedy struck.

‘We had a daughter between Arjuna and Lux called Zama and she passed away when we were travelling in Ecuador two years ago. She died just before she was two-years-old.’

‘We were travelling in Ecuador and we went to a standard tourist beach to see these archways where there are tons of pictures online of other people going to check out.

And that day, at that exact moment, only on that one arch, right where we were standing, a rock let go and hit us. It hit Jenna and Zama and she was just too little.’

The passing of their daughter spurred them onto make a change. They didn’t want to get caught up in a routine and realised that their time on earth was limited and it was important to make the most of it.

With that in mind, Jenna and Josh made the decision to sell their family car, home and yoga studio to travel the world.

‘We know that we are following our hearts and following a dream.’

Currently in Mexico, the family have never forgotten Zama, who would now be four years old. Each year they remember her on her birthday by throwing flowers into water. In 2015, it was the Red Deer River, in 2016 it was the ocean in Victoria and this year, the chose the Pacific Ocean in Sayulita, Mexico.

The parents are homeschooling Arjuna each morning and both children are in the process of learning the Spanish language.

Life on the road hasn’t always been easy for the family, but they do have a fairly spacious 105 square-foot Earthroamer to make it a little more comfortable.

Josh has admits there are some things he misses, particularly a big kitchen. ‘I can still do everything in our kitchen here. It’s just requires a little bit more effort and planning,’ he said

Jenna also says that “Sometimes we do feel like we are missing out on certain things from our old life. I know Arjuna really misses having a dedicated bedroom and having the toys and the space to play.”

So far, after a year on the road, the family have lived in Canada, the USA and Mexico. With so much to see in each place, they haven’t travelled as far as they thought they would have. They don’t plan on going home anytime soon though, so they’ve got plenty of time to explore.

Josh said: “That’s one of the advantages of living this way that we love. If you want to go to the mountain, you can just drive to the mountains. And then if you want to be by the Ocean, you go by the ocean.”


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