Family Transform Old Van Into Luxury Motor Home – The Result Is Amazing

When these parents made the decision to buy a camper van, they began hunting high and low for the perfect vehicle.

They didn’t have much luck in finding exactly what they wanted, so made the decision to take things into their own hands.

Jack Richens, 37, and Lucy Hedges, 38, have transformed a 2012 Mercedes Sprinter van into the most amazing camper possible.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

The family made the decision to give the van a complete makeover by installing modern features and fittings.

When looking at what was available on the market, the couple came to the realisation that none would properly suit their requirements. They went and visited numerous vans, some of which were amazing but not practical enough for their needs.

In an interview, Jack was asked about the motive for building their own van. He said:

“The whole thing about building your own van is that you can tailor it precisely to your requirements and taste.

“We built a van for a family of four to have adventures in and the main remit was that, if necessary, we could spend days on end inside the van with two hyper kids and still enjoy ourselves”.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

Before the conversion the van looked like any other Mercedes Sprinter, the stark opposite of the finished product.

Image Source: Carters News Agency

The van now comes complete with bunk beds, which is perfect for the kids.

And the total cost of completing the conversion was £18,000, which Jack has said was well worth it for their house on wheels which is now completely tailored to their requirements on the road.

One of the main expenses when converting the van was the seats, which came to around £2,500.

On top of this, the couple paid for the electrical and heating system which cost an additional £2,000.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

When discussing the layout of the van, Jack praised his partner’s ingenious space saving ideas, such as the bunk beds.

Jack’s parents also pitched in with the refurbishment of the van to support Jack and Lucy with their dream.

Jack commented:

“My dad, David, came out of retirement and brought a wealth of old school skills and very sharp tools to the party.

“I really enjoyed working alongside him on the project and gained a great deal of invaluable experience from his methods however ancient they are”.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

Jack actually spent several years living in a postal van in a bid to save enough to buy a house in London, and as a result he spent a lot of time staring at the interior of a van and daydreaming.

He also said that although the project has turned out very well, the conversion “was in its entirety, a series of mild disasters”.

Image Source: Caters News Agency


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