‘Dubs On The Beach’ Meet At Boscombe Pier

After last weekends meet being cancelled due to heavy snow covering the beach this week the meet was on and the weather was sunny with blue skies – what a difference a week makes.

On the drive to the beach I stopped to get a picture of Ruby and Bournemouth – A History of Shaping the Future mural.

Then along the road spotted another mural at The Zephyr – Lemmy Mötorhead.

Arriving at the beach, Ruby took her spot at the end of the Miniature Railway Depot.

I propped up her Bournemouth HappyLand and AirFestival Pictures and took the opportunity to frame her new Spain & Portugal national flag illustrations in preparation for her European Road Trip.

There were already a couple of Splittys parked up so I met their owners and got the low down on travelling in a VWCamper around Europe. They told me not to worry, just get on the ferry and go with the flow….”you really will have no worries” was their advice.

As the clouds departed the sun came out, the temperature rose and it turned out to be a glorious afternoon.

More Dubbers arrived and I was able to meet lots of friendly faces and listen to their stories of VW & Vanlife.

After a successful afternoon I drove off with a big smile thinking of how exciting it will be arriving in Spain for Ruby’s next big adventure..

To be continued….


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