Stonehenge Surprise: The Best Parking Spot

Searching the internet I discovered that I could wildcamp on a quiet lane right opposite Stonehenge.

Upon arrival I secured a spot with a direct view of the stones.

I decided to go exploring, which is where I came across Margaret, an artist who was enjoying her passion of painting her favourite subject, Stonehenge. She advised me that at the end of the day the tourists would leave the site and by walking along the National Trust path I would enjoy an up close, unobscured view of the stones at no charge.

Sure enough, having watched the last of the tourists leave, I headed along the path and couldn’t believe my eyes as before me I witnessed the sunset over Stonehenge.

From behind me a voice called out and a friendly German (Bruno) introduced himself and spoke of his disbelieve and good fortune of what we were experiencing in front of us.

He had recently retired and as a result decided to go on a European tour in his trusty Hymermobil. I had noticed it parked at the bottom of the hill earlier and advised him that if he moved up to where I was pitched he would benefit from sleeping and waking with a perfect view of the stones.

He was thankful of my advice and invited me to join him for port and cheese.

His camper dwarfed Ruby and from out of a shed sized hatch at the back he produced a table and chairs which he set up between our two campers. He then disappeared into his kitchen and returned with a doily which he laid on the table. Upon it he placed a vintage bottle of port, matching port glasses and a fine selection of cheeses.

We talked into the night and arranged to meet at sunrise well before the tourists would arrive and spoil the view.

I opened my curtain and the stones were in full view.

With German precision Bruno came knocking on my door at 6:15 just as the sun was about to rise.

Before the tourists.

The start of another perfect day with Ruby.


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