Meet The Australian Millennials Who Are Living And Working Out Of Camper Vans

When you’re young, you expect to finish university, get a job, a house, settle down and have children – well, that’s the predictable path you think you’re going to take.

However recently, there has been a surge in the amount of people who are shunning the monotonous lifestyle and opting to live, travel and work all in the same place, but at the same time, in a different place all the while

We’re talking about the millennials who have packed up their belongings and hit the road. Not wanting to be a slave to the renting system, they’ve got themselves a camper van and are exploring the world from the comfort of it.

An Instagram page has been set up called Vanlifers, and it is documenting the lives of those who have decided to live on the road. Escaping busy city life, numerous millennials have decided to set out on the open road and see what the world has to offer.

It could be old school buses that have been transformed into living spaces or perfectly kitted out camper vans with everything you could need to spend a lifetime travelling around, either way, you can see why people took the risk of moving out of their static homes in favour of mobile ones.


From beautiful beaches to idyllic mountains and everything in between, these millennials are living an enviable life and the Instagram account has amassed an incredible 200,000 followers as a result.

It’s no wonder the page has such a big following – posting images of the beautiful sites the travelling millennials are seeing, all that they’re experiencing and of course, their incredible, kitted out camper vans.

One camper van travelling, Tom O’Connell, 27, simply bought a second-hand Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and has lived in it ever since.

When talking about why he think people choose to live life in this way, he said: “Maybe it’s a backlash to property prices and people feeling restricted to staying in one place, but also, rent is slavery. Rent is so expensive, especially if you want to live where things are happening.”

O’Connell is an outdoor education guide and it’s a job that requires him to travel around. His van gave him a lot of flexibility and saves him a lot of money at the same time.

On the other hand, Elise Cook who runs an online blog and travels with her partner said: “I feel like being on the road allowed us to tap into a slower gear in how we live and think, and we also realised how little we need to be happy.”

Packing up their house just over a month ago, the couple sold as much of their things as possible, with the rest going into storage. Living a more minimal life has resulted in a happier life for them.

The property market is exploding in the likes of Sydney and Melbourne meaning many young people are looking to live a more nomadic lifestyle, with less stress and more freedom.

Another couple, Tyler and Mille has so far travelled 20,000 kilometers across the four states of Australia in just over five months.

Admitting that it’s not always a glamorous way of life, but they wouldn’t have it any other way, they said: ‘”We have been freezing cold, stinking hot, soaking wet, and everything in between; all the while with a huge grin on our faces.”

Sydney born Liam decided to hit the road after finishing university. Not ‘ready for a suit and tie’, he bought an old school bus, renovated it, named it Bilby and the rest is history.


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