Pro Mountain Biker Has The Most Incredible Off-Road VW Van

Czech pro mountain biker Rob Heran has built the ultimate Volkswagen T3 van for off-road adventures.

He made the decision to convert a van in order to suit his exact needs.

Initially, the van started out its life as a military surplus four-wheel drive VW van, before being transformed into Heran’s perfect adventure vehicle.

Modifications To The Van


Firstly, he had to amend the power of the van. He changed the original 75-horsepower factory fitted 1.6-litre diesel engine for a modified 1.9 turbodiesel.

The new engine would step things up a gear, producing 120 horsepower to haul his adventure-packed van around.

Image Source: Sebastian Doerk

The next thing the thrill-seeking traveller had to do was install custom EMB off-road suspension.

Newer and more powerful suspension allowed the VW to clear large obstacles. The locking front and rear differentials mean that the four Goodyear Wrangler off-road tyres could claw through whatever terrains Heran crosses.

Image Source: Sebastian Doerk

He also uses a big roof platform as a base for his ramp when he wants to set up a jump, as well as using it as a guest house. Heran actually sleeps inside the van, but when friends come along for the ride, an inflatable tent on top of his vehicle works as the perfect guest room.

Image Source: Sebastian Doerk

The bodywork is a slick matte metallic grey colour, which lends itself the look of some serious sporting equipment.

There is also a chunky black aftermarket front and rear bumpers, as well as the huge bike rack.

Image Source: Sebastian Doerk

Interior Of The Van


Inside the van, the front two seats swivel around to face backwards. In addition, table also slides into different positions to provide extra space for carrying bikes which aren’t on the rack.

Image Source: Sebastian Doerk

As a result of the makeover, the van is seriously impressive.  It’s the perfect ride for anyone looking for something different to their usual vacation.

If anyone feels they are as much of a thrill-seeker as Heran, then they may wish to take some tips on their own van conversion from this pro.

Alternatively, if you’re thinking of doing a van conversion, you can get some tips here. 

Image Source: Sebastian Doerk

The inflatable tent which is located on the top of the van looks almost inviting, as is the perfect platform for watching the stars on a clear night.


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