Resurrection – The Rescue Of A 1955 VW Type 2 From The Woods

Many vintage car enthusiasts dream of the day they stumble across a rare classic which may have been in storage for many years.

This sparks the beginning of a large project where they can restore it back to its former glory.

When this man found an abandoned 1955 Volkswagen Type II panel van in the woods near his house, he had an idea which you won’t believe actually worked.

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Cars left in the woods are obviously not going to have the same kind of protection from the elements as those discovered in barns or garages.

However, that does not rule them out from being restored.

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After being shown on a map where exactly the van had been spotted, he realised it was only a short distance from his home.

It had originally been spotted 15 years prior when a man had been out picking wild mushrooms. It was later discovered to have been abandoned for around 40 years before this, and a man had once lived in it up on the mountain.

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After a long walk through the forest in the mountains, he finally stumbled across the van, and saw just what condition it was in.

The explorer had been worried that the van may have been mistaken for a VW, and could potentially be another make of vehicle.

However, as he approached the van from behind he could distinctly recognise the small rear hatch.

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Once he had returned home, he researched the landowner, and just one day later he was returning back to the land in order to buy the bus.

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Now that he rightfully owned the vehicle, there was the task of removing the derelict van from the foliage.

He was able to attach a tow bar to the front of the van, ready to pull along by tractor away from the uneven ground and move it to a place where it could receive some much-needed TLC.

However, overnight he had a change of heart and decided he wished to try and remove the vehicle by attempting to drive it out of the forest.

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The original wheels were removed and were replaced with off road tyres. He recruited the assistance of a few friends who were more than happy to help get the van back on the road.

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The group of friends worked so late into the night attempting to make the van move, that they ended up deciding to camp over night.

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The next day, with the wheels now securely on and some work completed to the engine, they finally managed to get it running.

Image Source: Airmapp

They were finally able to drive the VW camper van out of the forest and back to somewhere it could be repaired and restored to exactly how it deserves.


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