Surfer Couple Convert An Old Ambulance Into Their Perfect Home On Wheels

Camper vans are a common form of transport for surfers, it enables them to store their boards easily and chase the waves until the sun goes down.

One couple wanted to make their journey as comfortable as possible, and therefore set about converting an old Ford Transit ambulance into an amazing home on wheels.

Michal Czernik and Hana Venclova arrived in New Zealand with one year to travel the country, and they wished to do so as comfortably as possible.

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Czernik commented that “It took quite a bit of effort to convert it.”

From the outside, the camper van could definitely pass as a normal van, which can be useful when trying to stay in more urban areas inconspicuously.

The van is completely self contained and certified, which enables them to park legally in a huge amount of wilderness areas in New Zealand.

However, when the doors of the van are opened, it is clearly visible to see how special this project is – and especially their love for natural materials and hand-crafted items.

Inside the van they have used plywood to give a warm feel, and have also decorated with some New Zealand themed artworks, which Czernik designed and laser cut herself.

Although the couple have both admitted to getting a little carried away with the project, they have justified the time and money spent converting it with the fact that it will be their home for an entire year.

The van is completely off-the-grid, holding both fresh water and grey water, and charging the batteries through the vehicles alternator as well as a 120watt solar panel which sits on the roof of the van.

Cleverly, the seating area converts into a comfortable bed and a small toilet, while additional storage can be accessed through the doors at the rear of the van.

The kitchen area is large enough to cook decent meals for a couple, and comes complete with a small sink, with water which can be activated via a foot pump. The van’s batteries allow for a small fridge to keep drinks and food chilled.

One of the more unusual features in this van is the adorable small herb garden which is growing in the dash board. The couple have said that apparently this space is an ideal growing environment, as it offers lots of light and warmth.

They also created a separate area at the rear of the van for their wetsuits and other gear.

Although the couple only plan on living in the van for one year, it definitely seems comfortable enough to be something much more permanent.


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