VW Camper Van Bed For The Child That Loves VW’s As Much As You

There are plenty of reasons why so many people love VW camper vans. They’re iconic, classic and the perfect vehicle to travel the county – or world – in. Few other vehicles have such a rich history and character surrounding them.

And parents who can’t get enough of their Volkswagens will no doubt pass that love onto their own children. So what better present to gift them than a VW camper van inspired bed for when you’re not on the road?

This little hippy bed and room is the perfect den for your offspring chill out, relax and sleep in.

image source: circu

Created by CIRCU, the whole thing is made by hand. With the exterior made of fibreglass, chrome plated parts and palisander wood veneers it has a truly authentic feel.

Consisting of a bed, storage compartments, a desk, flatscreen TV and a mini bar – which can of course be stocked with just soft drinks, it has everything a child could want and more.

image source: circu

The bed certainly brings some character to the room and whilst parents may see it as just the classic VW camper, kids will be reminded of the well-known character from one of their favourite Pixar characters, Fillmore – the 1960’s hippie bus from Cars.

You’ll need a fair bit of space to house this statement bed however, with it measuring 400 X 185 X 220cm.

Your child will be the envy of many with a bed that is so much more than just a place to sleep, but a piece of art and a nod to motoring heritage.

image source: circu

The bed doesn’t come in cheap however, as an investment of £33,140, it’s something to be looked after. But hey, if you’ve got the money why have one of the most spectacular and unique beds on the market?

Tempted? Find it here.


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