The VW Funeral Service That Gives Fans The Best ’60s-Inspired Send Off

Although we may not want to think about it, everyone’s time sadly comes to an end. Of course, we wish to be remembered in the best light possible – full of love, joy and happiness. This resonates in particular with the baby boomers of the ’60s who were all about peace and love.

When an innovative funeral company caught on to this feel-good idea, they decided to create a new storage facility for people’s ashes at their West Eugene site.

The space is specially reserved for dearly-departed hippies or anyone else who wishes to be laid to rest in the distinctively 1960s themed spot.

Image Source: BRIAN BULL / KLCC

The brightly coloured van is situated underneath a metal roof, held up with wooden beams. This VW van certainly stands out next to the surrounding markers and headstones.

When discussing their reasoning behind creating the new space, Mark Musgrove of Musgrove Mortuaries and Cemeteries, explained: “We’ve created what they call a columbarium, which is a place to put cremated remains. A 1972 VW van, painted to show “PEACE” and “LOVE” on either side like you remember in the ’60s and early ’70s.”

Image Source: BRIAN BULL / KLCC

They said their reason for restoring the van was because Eugenians are quite non-traditional. The whole concept for the VW van came from a five minute conversation with his brother, and consequently, the brothers got to work on their plan.

The Musgrove brothers recruited a mechanic to assist with finding and fixing up a VW van.

Initially the interior was less than pleasant, “Tires were flat, the brakes were locked up, the front end was smashed, and there was no windshield or emblems on the thing.  Pretty much a complete wreck!”, Cody Rushing, the mechanic, commented.

Image Source: BRIAN BULL / KLCC

In just one year, Rushing had the van ready for the final stages of the makeover.

The creators looked at many different designs of hippy vans, but eventually came up with something original and full of colour.

Image Source: BRIAN BULL / KLCC

For around $1,000 you can arrange to have your ashes placed inside the VW columbarium, located at Musgrove’s Lane Memorial Gardens.

Mark Musgrove has commented on one of the additional features they had added to the van, which is green-friendly and very special.

“Our mechanic has set up solar lighting, so that the accent lights on the van, and the headlights, and taillights… all light up in the evening.”



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