Girls On Tour: The Journey To V-Dub Island

With my Isle of Wight Ferry & V-Dub Island tickets in hand I drove excitedly to Southampton a day earlier than my pre-booked ferry departure time.

Searching the Internet I found a wild camping spot on the coast line with fantastic views across the Solent.

Another campervan joined me and Karine, a French girl, jumped out.

She had recently given up her job, bought a campervan and was exploring Europe.

After a test run around the South of France she was convinced that her Camper was reliable and set off on a ferry for the UK, her plan was to keep going until it got too cold.

I returned to Ruby and decided to chance my luck and try to catch the last ferry that night rather than wait for my allocated 7am spot the next day. If they said “No” I would return to this sleepy spot and set off in the morning.

Arriving at the ferry terminal at 23:25 the ticket officer admired Ruby and kindly allowed us to board at no extra charge.

On the ferry I met Sukey, a descendant of Sir John Oglander Deputy Governor of the Isle of Wight in 1624, who had been close to King Charles. She advised me of a beautiful spot at Culver Down Battery where I could stay for the night.

Departing the ferry at East Cowes I headed straight to the spot arriving at 2.30am. It was total darkness, and all I knew from the journey was that we had been travelling up hill for some time. I put the chocks on the wheels and went to bed.

Drawing the curtains revealed a stunning view of the sun rising and dotted along the horizon were numerous container ships waiting to dock.

I made a coffee grabbed a croissant and as I opened the sliding door a Chinese Bride in her wedding dress was standing there.

She was so excited to see Ruby. Her Chinese translator/photographer informed me that VW Campers are extremely rare in China and Ruby being Red was a lucky omen. Meng Liu asked if they could do an impromptu photo shoot with Ruby. I agreed as they were on a tour of Europe taking photos of the bride in her wedding dress by famous landmarks and beautiful locations.

Once the tour was completed they would return home to China and celebrate the Wedding.

My V-Dub Island adventure was off to a great start!


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