Finding Ruby – The First Steps To Finding Your Perfect Camper

It’s the start of summer. I’m lazing on the beach in the sun and begin to daydream of owning a VW Camper; waking up to beautiful sunrises, viewing glorious sunsets and falling asleep under the stars.

I type VW Camper into the web browser and start to get an idea of what I would like as I view the results…

  • T2Bay or T25, Kitchen and living area with Pop-top Bedroom, Electric hook up, 1.6 litre Petrol Engine.

Before that my only criteria was that I would like chrome hub caps.

Day and night I obsessively checked my web updates and would stop my car if I spotted one on my travels and take a look around it.

Viewing No1

T25 High Top – It started first time however the appearance was a little tired. The Smurf was not for me but I had completed my first viewing.

Viewing No2

T2 Bay – This one sold before I even left the house.

The good ones were selling as fast as they were coming up for sale.

Viewing No3

T2 Bay Ragtop – I adore convertibles and thought this would be perfect but I did feel I would look silly cooking in it with my head popping out of the roof.

Viewing No4

T2 Bay Pop Top. In the photos it looked great but on closer inspection the slightest touch of the interior saw the lining crumble to dust and fall to the floor.

I drove home feeling my dream was over.

Viewing No5

“Ruby” There she was sitting in a well manicured garden of an idyllic country cottage.

Having looked around her and seeing she ticked all my boxes, I decided she was the one for me.

Sealing the deal was easier than I imagined as it came down to these simple factors :-

  • Do I like the VW Camper?
  • Does the seller like me?
  • Do I trust the seller?
  • Does the seller trust me to be a good owner?
  • Do I feel the price is reasonable?
  • Does the seller want to sell to me?

As all of the above matched I finally became the owner of a little house on wheels.

Meet Rubyxx



  1. Ktxx

    A great read! Can’t wait to hear more about Ruby’s adventures!

    1. Jonathan Glands (Post author)

      Glad you enjoyed reading “Finding Ruby”.
      There will be more of her adventures appearing here over the next few days.
      You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook and WordPress: Rubyontheroadxx

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